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Adventures of Obiewan and Jo

This blog chronicles the Winter 2011-2012 adventures of John Oberright and Jo Rys as they head South For The Winter.  Any BCYC member can comment on their postings.  It's a great way to keep in touch!
  • 28 Feb 2012 6:16 PM | Jo Rys

    Tuesday, February 28,

    John’s Pass, Treasure Island, Florida

    Did boat work all day always boat work.  Harmony took a pounding coming up in the Gulf on Saturday it was a very windy day.  John washed the salt off while I stripped beds and collected the laundry to wash  later in the week.  The day passed quickly and we joined Arlene and Joe at Treasure Island Community Center for a Chamber covered dish supper.  John still had to pack to leave for Annapolis we left early and went to spend the night on Harmony.

  • 27 Feb 2012 6:14 PM | Jo Rys

    Monday, Feb 27

    Fort Pierce

    Candy fixed us a great breakfast and learned about Grits, not bad and to think all these years I have been avoiding them. We went to Loggerhead in  North Palm Beach where my car was being stored and picked it and drove to the rental car place in Jupiter to turn that in. Then back to the West Coast a three hour drive and dinner with Arlene & Joe in Treasure Island. 

  • 26 Feb 2012 6:13 PM | Jo Rys

    Sunday, Feb. 26

    John’s Pass

     In the morning we went to Brunch with Arlene and Joe and more Annapolis friends.  Joe drove John to get a rented car and we dropped Richard and Mary at the Air Port and then on to Fort Pierce to see Ben and Candy.  In the dark we were miserably lost but Ben talked us in like an air traffic controller.

    Candy fixed us a wonderful dinner and we watched the Academy Awards.  We loved their Mobile Home so cozy, much like a boat. We had a good nights sleep first one on land in 3 weeks.

  • 25 Feb 2012 6:12 PM | Jo Rys

    Saturday, Feb 25, 2012

    Venice, Florida, Another day on theGulf

    We took off early for our 40 mile day, heading to Treasure Island, put up some sail but motored most of the way.  After a rough ride with waves over the bow and wind on the nose Harmony arrived in John’s Pass at 5PM.  Mary and Richard spent the night with friends, Arlene and Joe picked us up and we had dinner at their house, we stayed with Harmony.

  • 24 Feb 2012 6:10 PM | Jo Rys

    We spent the day washing salt from Harmony, trying to catch up, straitening the boat after the all nighter and a little walk on the beach. Richard came down with a cold and spent the day and night in bed.  That evening Bill Falk picked us up and we met Jamie and Geraldine at Pelican Alley for Dinner and Live Music.  The Sangers, Mom, Candy & Ben joined us later after dinner another great evening of dancing and fun, Boy can Geraldine dance.

  • 23 Feb 2012 6:08 PM | Jo Rys

    Thursday, Feb 23,  Venice, Florida

    We landed in Venice about 9AM, took naps, showers and breakfast made us feel a little better, lounged  all afternoon and collected our senses, met the Back Creek Gang in the local Pub, Lazy Days. Michelle, Richard, (Michelle’s Mom) Dorrit, Jamie, JJ, Juliana, Ben, Candy, Mary, Richard Ross, Bill, Geraldine, John O and Jo after some wine we all went to dinner at a place that would take us all comfortably, Thanks Jamie for all your arrangements.  Fun time was had by all. 

  • 22 Feb 2012 6:08 PM | Jo Rys

    Wednesday, Feb 22, 2012, Marathon, Florida

    Took off at 7:45AM, stopped for fuel and received 2 bags of free Ice with our fill up which we needed. Very hot and still out here today, Harmony is a power boat today heading up the West coast of Florida.  We did an all day and all nighter 25 Hours in all.  We did 3 hours on and 3 hours off John and Richard did the brunt of it but Mary and I were in the cockpit with them. That is tough on us old folks but we muddled through. The night sky is incredible it is so dark out there and there are so many stars in the sky they look like fire works.

  • 21 Feb 2012 6:05 PM | Jo Rys

    Tuesday, Feb 21, 2012, Marathon, Florida in the Keys

    Woke up to another beautiful day Richard cooked a great breakfast and Mary and I went to the beautiful Laundromat with 5 washer and dryers I thought I had died and gone to heaven (usually only 2 at a marina) we didn’t have to wait. Mary stayed with the laundry and I went back to the boat and cleaned up breakfast dishes John was doing boat work. Then Mary and I went to the store for more food, crew has to eat.  That took most of the afternoon because we had to wait for a cab both ways.  Richard cooked another of his great meals and we watched the Sun go down to a lovely steak dinner. Yum!!! 

  • 20 Feb 2012 10:38 PM | Jo Rys

    Quiet night, no wind that makes me sleep better.  Quiet day some sailing but about 10 miles from Marathon we caught a crab pot and had to call Boat US. Richard tried to dive down but the drive shaft is in the middle of the boat and it was too hard to do. Boat US people were tied up for a while so we had an opportunity to sail for a few more hours waiting.  The diver finally arrived,  dove under the boat and cut us loose in 3 min.  We arrived in Marathon just in time for the sunset what a relief. Had adrink and went to dinner we were all very tired. 

  • 20 Feb 2012 1:57 PM | Jo Rys
    Rodriguez Key, Florida 
    Up early again underway, cool front came thought  last night at about 12 PM, the wind howled for about an hour and the settled down and we had a relevantly comfortable sleep. The day was calm and we even up up the sails for a while but ran our of wind about 10 miles and hooked a crab pot.  Yes my friends they have crab pots in Marathon.  Richard tried to go under the boat and release the line but no luck.  Good old boat US came to the rescue and sent out a diver, he had it free in 3 minutes. We made it to marathon just in time for the sunset. Tired and Hot tied up Harmony and went ashore for dinner even before showers.

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