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Adventures of Obiewan and Jo

This blog chronicles the Winter 2011-2012 adventures of John Oberright and Jo Rys as they head South For The Winter.  Any BCYC member can comment on their postings.  It's a great way to keep in touch!
  • 20 Feb 2012 11:04 AM | Jo Rys
    OK everyone! I have been working on my blog and I will catch you all up, now that I have Richard Ross to take my first mate duties in the cockpit  i.e. looking for marks and inlets and telling the captain we can't go under the JuliaTuttle.

  • 19 Feb 2012 10:36 PM | Jo Rys
    We woke up early and took off for our next destination, another beautiful day in Florida.  Sailed all day and it was uneventful, put down the anchor in Rodriguez Key.  A little more exposed than I like but it stayed calm all night, Thank the Lord. We had one of Richard Ross’s incredible Chicken dinners, he likes to cook so much he cooks for a family of 8 and we had leftovers for another night.
  • 18 Feb 2012 10:33 PM | Jo Rys
    We took off about 8:45 to make the Hollywood bridge at 9AM stopped for diesel and caught the Sherwood Bridge on time. Arrived at the Dana Beach Bridge requested an opening only to be told the bridge was closed for Founders Day, my reaction was a rather loud “WHAT” since it was 10 and it closed at 10 to 1PM  I asked him if he could open for us and another boat going south (we were going North) finally he gave in and opened the bridge for us naturally I was very sweet and thanked and waved to him, boy we dodged that bullet. We had to take the Port Everglades cut out into the Ocean because we could not go under the Julia Tuttle Bridge which is 56 feet and we are 61 ½ feet tall, does not compute. The Julia Tuttle was between us and where we were going south of Miami. We came in the Miami cut and what a sight Miami is from the water. We pulled in to No Name Harbor south of Miami.  We had a wonderful evening in No Name Harbor since it was Saturday night and close to Miami there were lots of boats until the sun went down and most of the smaller boats left, anchoring was tight and power boats swing different than. Richard cooked a great fish dinner and we all had a wonderful candle light evening. There was so much activity John and I stayed up for a while until the boats settled down and stopped moving around.
  • 17 Feb 2012 5:22 PM | Jo Rys
    Hollywood, Florida, Friday, February 17, 2012
    Cleaned all morning floors, Mirrors, Bathrooms etc., did leave time for a swim in the beautiful pool but first had to walk a mile to find it.  This marina was in a beautiful gated community but a long walk to the front gate. Michelle and Richard Sanger arrived at 3PM we had wine and chatted for a while, next Mary and friend Vicki arrived with the provisions for the week. Michelle and I put away as much as we could and served Horsd’oeuvres to our guests.   Finally Richard Ross showed up about 6:30PM and Mary’s friend Kevin arrived and all 8 of us went out to dinner on the Broadwalk in Hollywood (as Richard S called it}, we all had a great evening.
  • 17 Feb 2012 12:16 PM | John Loving
    OK, guys....your loyal blog readers have been patiently awaiting the next chapters!  December 7th was so last year.

    John & Pam
  • 16 Feb 2012 9:00 PM | Jo Rys

    Lantana Loggerhead Marina, Thursday,Feb 16th

    Started out at 7:45 to make the 8AM Bridge, each bridge has a different operating time, during our prep time last night we planned each bridge so we could make them. I wrote done every bridge name and the times it opened ie. on the hour, half hour or 15 and 45 after and the miles between the bridges so we knew how much time we had between each.  That planning I think made all the difference in the out come of the day, we had 40 miles to cover, 20 bridges and we did it in 6 hours.  We did run into some luck when we overtook a towboat towing a fishing boat and managed to slip thru with them a few bridges (working boats get to go thru anytime they arrive at a bridge). The worst bridge was the 17th st. Lauderdale bridge it was very congested and we had to wait about 15 minutes with lots of traffic.  We arrived at our destination at 2PM and enjoyed a lovely afternoon in one of the most beautiful Loggerhad Marinas we have ever Visited.  We had a lovely dinner and crashed after our very intense day playing "Please open your Bridge".  That is a game I think no one wants to have to play.  Perhaps if you can you should stay in the middle and only do 10 a day,  perhaps we will go out side the next time.

  • 16 Feb 2012 5:20 PM | Jo Rys
    Thursday, Feb 16th
    We left the dock at 7:45 to make the first bridge at 8AM very successfully made that bridge then on to the next one and on and on all day we did 20 bridges that day boy were we exhausted.   We were very lucky that we encountered a  tow boat pulling a fishing boat and we were going about the same speed and slipped thru with them for a few bridges when it all came down to it 20 Bridges, 40 miles, in 6 hours not too bad.  The worst one was in Lauderdale, man was that crowded everyone jockeying for position and we ended up last because of all the commercial boats in the ares.  We arrive at the Hollywood marina a 2:30 pretty good timing considering everything.  Did more laundry, John washed Harmony,  had dinner and crashed. 
  • 14 Feb 2012 11:44 AM | Jo Rys

    Tuesday, Feb 14, “Happy Valentine’s Day’, 

    We left Logger Head, Palm Beach Gardens, at 8AM on our way south,  We managed to do a fairly good job timing the bridges and arrived with a good stiff wind blowing us off the dock.  Once the wind catches the bow of Harmony it is hard to control her.  We finally had her tied up with the help of 2 dock hands and took a walk to get Ice for our cocktails and  watched to sun go down. John surprised me with a deck hand to clean the teak which is my job, but with the entire mildew problem I had no time, it does look good. 

  • 13 Feb 2012 11:22 AM | Jo Rys

    Monday, Feb 13, More errands since we still had the car and are leaving Palm Beach Gardens, I need a day away from the boat. That is like needing a day away from your spouse or Children (just need a break ) I picked up post card stamps the granddaughters and family.  Checked out a few shops just because I needed Shopping Therapeutic Day. Bought more Provisions we may not be near a grocery store for some time. 

    Came back to boat and did the laundry and shower thing. Nice facilitation at Logger Head Palm Beach Gardens just south of Jupiter FL.

    Here is a quiz for you Golfers, John and Richard you already know this one our Marina is on Donald Ross Blvd. .

    Who I Donald Ross? 

  • 11 Feb 2012 12:10 PM | Jo Rys

    Saturday, Feb 11, Guy and Shay picked us up and we went to visit the Sangers and Ballard’s, lovely lunch Michelle and Richard, what a great day, Thanks Sangers.  We are so blessed to have such great friends.  Sunday, Pam and John Loving stopped by on their way to Stuart to visit other friends; we all went out to dinner with the Collins.  

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